Good Night Studio exists to translate dreams into real life visuals.

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Good Night Studio is the creative studio of Anthony Bradley, an independent designer, who specializes in building brand identities, websites, and infusing illustrations along the way. Many years of experience working with a range of collaborators, from local to global, has given him the skills it takes to make a deep exploratory dive into every project and transform ideas into tangible, valuable tools. The results are a breath of fresh air, and Good Night’s Sleep.

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Effective expressive communication. In a world basically run by robots, push optical boundaries or keep it real with that pen-on-paper feeling. The unique visual method.


Brand Identity

Obligatory one-of-a-kind toolbox. The juice, the goods, the map. It’s a business’s North Star and #1 salesperson — to infinity and beyond. A solid brand foundation is key to climb.



Contemporary digital storytelling. Company show-and-tell, in an LCD screen addicted world. Educate & engage an audience, while tracking what makes business bloom.

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