Draw them in.

When faced with countless choices in the great culinary hub of Denver, the decision of where to do dinner can come down to one thing: does this website make me salivate? Hi Tide, a newly opened Hawaiian-style poke restaurant, wanted to step it up with a collateral package and website overhaul. On the web, well-organized, ever-present navigation is key, allowing diners to find what they need in the quick minute they’re here, like online ordering or directions. Photos are bright, pop with color, and the food looks delicious; the content flow is light and a little playful. The next step was to install hand-painted window illustrations to reel in the attention from passersby — never underestimate the power of some extra creative signage. Updated menu designs, coupons, gift cards, and a press kit ensued.


Hi Tide Poke – Denver, CO


Print Design, Hand-lettering, Illustration, Web Design, Window Painting