A gutsy pitch.

Notable Nebraskan filmmaker, Jake Hull, made a name for himself with award-winning short films known for their soul-seeking sensibility. Now, Hull embraces his dark side with feature film, Infamy, a black comedic thriller that shines a light on the screwed up world of social media addicted teens. But, one can’t just strut to Hollywood, slap a script down on an executive’s desk and say, “Make me famous, baby!”. So, we created a brand identity with a hand-painted logotype, textures, and color palette. Then applied it to an online pitch presentation. This one-of-a-kind website includes all the brand bad-assery and interactive storyboards. It even has password protection — keeping away “idea thieves”, allowing us the ability to track who is looking, and how often — making it easier to target who to follow up with. Guess who just got picked up by a big, fancy production house? Yeah, that’s right.


Filmmaker Jake Hull


Print Design, Branding, Hand-lettering, Web Design